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Purchasing Molasses

Small quantities of molasses are available for purchase in a 1000L IBC container.  Listed below are different products all including, 1000L of the product, a container and British Mainland delivery.  Please allow 3-4 working days for delivery.


Product Range

Listed below are the products that are available for instant purchase using a credit or debit card below. 

Molasses Blend 60, High energy feed to improve condition.  General feed for use throughout the year if condition needs improving.  Very sweet so all animals will eat it, very effective at getting low quality forage eaten if pored over the top of it. Suitable for sheep and cattle 1000L Price £400.00

Molasses Blend 60 with Vit + Mins, The same as Molasses Blend 60 but has added Vitamins and Mineral in case animals don't have access to a source of minerals.  Recommended for animals losing condition suitable for sheep and cattle. 1000L Price £430.00

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